Genesis Solutions with the vision of being the leading next generation
marine & offshore supply solutions provider

Lifting & Rigging

• Mooring Ropes & Crane Wires
• Sling & Synthetic Ropes
• Shackles
• Chain & Chain Blocks
• Lifting Belts
• Master Link
• Sockets & End Terminators

Wire Ropes & Fabrication

• Wire Ropes
• Heavy Lift Sling

Load Testing

• Wire Ropes
• Chains & Chain Blocks
• Chain Slings
• Lifting Belts

Wire Rope Spooling

• Wire rope spooling services


At Genesis Solutions the rigging, lifting and mooring technical team has over 40 years of experience and are specialist providers of lifting and rigging solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry.
 A one-stop solutions provider, we supply a wide range of lifting and rigging equipment such as heavy lift slings, grommets, wire ropes, sling, crane wires, fittings, high performance synthetic ropes and mooring equipment. We also provide services including load testing, spooling services and other fabrication services. Genesis Solutions currently represents and are authorized distributors for  steel wire ropes, industrial lifting hooks, heavy lift slings, container lashing and securing equipment.
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