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The Leading Next Generation Marine & Offshore Supply Solutions Provider

Genesis Solutions with the vision of being the leading next generation marine & offshore supply solutions provider that optimizes its service offerings through adoption of technology. Today, Genesis Solutions has embarked on deploying the latest technology, using a mix of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoTs and other related hardware and software to enhance customer experience. This marks the beginning of smart supply chain where Genesis Solutions’ customers will reap the benefits of smart procurement and smart logistics. The current management team at Genesis Solutions has each over 40 years of marine & offshore supply chain experience and will be available to offer sound supply solutions to its customers.The rigging, lifting and mooring technical team has over 40 years of experience and has the expertise to provide sound rigging, lifting and mooring solutions to handle all forms of onshore and offshore projects.

Genesis Solutions is also setting up a state-of-the-art rigging workshop to support its customers round the clock with customized rigging, mooring and lifting solutions. The company is now working on digitalizing the inventory and using technology to ensure both the quality and the quantity to supply meet with the expectations of its customers.

Today, Genesis Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 certified. The company is currently working on getting itself  ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001 certified in the next 12 months. This is important for Genesis Solutions to be benchmarked with international quality standards.

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To be the leading marine & offshore supply chain company in Asia, supporting its customers with sound supply chain

Smart Technologies - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Genesis Solutions will collaborate with leading technology partners to adopt cutting edge hardware and software technology in its business processes. From automation and robotics to artificial intelligence and machine learning, these initiatives will allow Genesis Solutions to maximize the potential of scarce manpower resources by upgrading and upskilling them to be technology savvy. The business process which starts from responding to quotes to processing of orders, picking and packing of orders to the last mile delivery, will employ technology to maximize output and minimize errors. This will in part strengthen Singapore’s position as a major and preferred shipping hub known for its efficiency.


Genesis Solutions has embarked on digitalizing its business process through adoption of cutting edge software and hardware, the goal of the company is to upgrade and upskill the Singaporean workforce and to lessen its dependence on manual labour. The digitalization strategy of Genesis Solutions will enhance the value and competitiveness of the Singapore workforce in the global arena. In view of growing market share through establishing new lines of businesses, Genesis Solutions plan is hire up to 50 employees in three years, with Singaporeans still forming the majority of the headcount. Singaporeans first will continue to be the hiring policy of Genesis Solutions.

As Genesis Solutions intend to work with the various Singapore IHLs to develop Made in Singapore supply chain solutions, it will provide an opportunity for students to have hands on experience and to internship at Genesis Solutions as the IHLs and Genesis Solutions test bed the Made in Singapore solutions. This will support the development of the next generation of smart workforce.